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“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.” ~Galileo Galilei

“In the United States, philosophy typically makes its formal entry into the curriculum at the college level. A growing number of high schools offer some introduction to philosophy, often in special literature courses for college bound students. In Europe and many other countries, it is much more common to find philosophy in the high school curriculum. However, philosophy prior to high school seems relatively uncommon around the world. This may suggest that serious philosophical thinking is not for pre- adolescents. Two reasons might be offered for accepting this view. First, philosophical thinking requires a level of cognitive development that, one may believe, is beyond the reach of pre- adolescents. Second, the school curriculum is already crowded; and introducing a subject like philosophy will not only distract students from what they need to learn, it may encourage them to become skeptics rather than learners. However, both of these reasons can be challenged.” Continue reading: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/children/

Middle School

A collection of philosophy links based on state standards for middle school students.

Introduction to Ancient Philosophy

Greek Philosophy

Roman Philosophy

Philosophy Links

Teaching philosophy to kids ‘helps boost IQ levels’ – Introducing primary school children to philosophical conversations can help to raise their IQ levels and improve their concentration, according to one expert.

http://www.teachingchildrenphilosophy.org – This website is dedicated to helping adults conduct philosophical discussion with and among elementary school children. Contrary to what many people think, young children are both interested in and good at discussing philosophical questions. Picture books are a great way to initiate a philosophical discussion with young children and this site will help you get started.

http://depts.washington.edu/nwcenter/ – K-12 philosophy lessons, activities, literature, and other resources from the Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children. Note: All of the picture books and most of the chapter books can be used to inspire philosophy discussions with a wide variety of age groups.

http://www.gwhatchet.com/2006/02/06/the-school-of-thought-philosophy-students-expand-the-minds-of-high-schoolers/ – “The School of Thought: Philosophy Students Expand the Minds of High Schoolers,” by Malak Hamwi (February 6, 2006). An article about George Washington University’s High School Philosophy Seminar.

http://kidsthinkaboutit.com/?page_id=110 – Resources, links, and a free Parent’s Guide to help you have engaging conversations with your children, or to learn about philosophy yourself.

Additional References

Big Ideas for Little Kids: Teaching Philosophy through Children’s Literature

Philosophy for Kids : 40 Fun Questions That Help You Wonder About Everything!

The Examined Life: Advanced Philosophy for Kids

Philosophy for Teens: Questioning Life’s Big Ideas

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