180 Day

Ray Comfort’s Living Waters ministry has designated the second Wednesday of every month as “180 Day.” The first “180 Day” will be tomorrow!

What is “180” all about, you may ask? View the video below:

Are you pro-choice or pro-life? Are you sure? Watch the entire 33-minute documentary for free here: http://www.180movie.com. (Caution: some scenes are not suitable for young children.)

You can also get the “180 Course.” This resource contains a life-changing two-part video (Changing Hearts About Abortion & Changing Hearts About God); an in-depth 64-page Study Guide by Ray Comfort with Kay Arthur and Randy Alcorn; a pack of 100 “180” tracts; and a copy of Randy Alcorn’s book Why Prolife? Right now you can get the entire course for only $10.

Please visit the “180 Day” page for more details on how you can help make a difference. Remember, the first “180 Day” will be tomorrow, January 11, 2012.


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