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Even kids who claim an aversion to science will be engaged by the science demonstrations in these Go Science DVDs. The presenter Ben Roy captivates, motivates, and inspires young students to be excited about science, while providing effective instruction based on actual science phenomena. These episodes were originally produced for the religious television show Kid’s Time, so each science demo also has a spiritual application and points to our Creator! I’d recommend this series of DVDs for ages 5 to 12. For older kids, I’d recommend the Moody Science Classics DVD Set.

Ben Roy is the former director of News Channel 9 Science Theatre in Chattanooga, Tennessee. For 28 years, Ben has been a classroom teacher for grades 1-8, and was voted Teacher of the Year for Gordon County Schools. He also teaches science methods to education majors at the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga, is an adjunct instructor for Southern Adventist University, and is a teacher resource agent for the American Astronomical Society. Ben is the founder and president of The Science Zone Corporation that produces science DVD’s and science kits. He puts on science shows for schools and churches, conducts teacher in-services across North America, and teaches fascinating science lessons on 3ABN’s Kids’ Time

The above segment is a small part of a six DVD set:

GOSCI6101     1. Motion: Discovering the Laws of Gravity and Motion – Approx. 29 mins.
GOSCI6102     2. Simple Machines, Sound, and Weather – Approx. 59 mins.
GOSCI6103     3. Magnetism, Electricity, Engineering, and Design – Approx. 54 mins.
GOSCI6104     4. Chemistry, States of Matter, and Life Sciences – Approx. 43 mins.
GOSCI6105     5. Air and Flight – Approx. 48 mins.
GOSCI6106     6. Water, Space, and Solar System – Approx. 37 mins.

To book a show or order Science Kits:

Call 423-596-SHOW (7469)

For wholesale purchase:

Call: 269-695-1800

Want to know more about Ben Roy and his experiments? Visit his website HERE!

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