National Puzzle Day

Today’s the day to have fun doing some of those puzzles you haven’t done in a while!

A puzzle is a game, toy, or problem designed to test ingenuity or knowledge. Puzzles are often considered a form of entertainment, but they can also stem from serious mathematical or logistical problems. People with a high inductive reasoning aptitude are better at solving puzzles that require recognizing patterns and creating a particular order, while those with good deduction skills are better at solving puzzles based on the process of inquiry and discovery.

Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzles consisting of 7 pieces made using 3 basic geometric shapes. The first jigsaw puzzle was created around 1760, to aid in teaching geography. John Spilsbury, a British mapmaker, mounted a map on a sheet of wood and he then sawed around each individual country. Newspapers and magazines often feature crossword puzzles, word searches, riddles, mazes, and hidden pictures. Many computer games contain puzzles as part of the gameplay.

The National Puzzle Museum has a page of fun facts about puzzles:

Puzzles can be divided into several main categories, as shown on this page:

Personally, I love word searches and mazes. What’s YOUR favorite kind of puzzle?

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