Archaeology For Kids

March is Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month, and it’s beautiful weather for hiking so I always like to do an archaeology unit and field trip at this time. Here are some resource links for learning about southwestern archaeology: (The Archaeology of Ancient Arizona: a summary of Arizona’s prehistoric land and people.) (Prehistoric Pottery of Arizona, an interactive web exhibit for children. Flash animations take you into the past to explore Arizona’s prehistoric cultures and the pottery they made.) (Prehistory of the Southwest: syllabus and references.) (National Park Service Archeology Program: Scroll the list to explore the Vanishing Treasures.)

Here is a great book for learning about the science of archaeology in general:

Archaeologists Dig for Clues, by Kate Duke. (Join an archaeological dig and make some exciting discoveries related to how scientists learn about the past. This book has the appealing layout and tone of a “Magic School Bus” book with a conversational text, fact-filled sidebars, speech bubbles, and instructive illustrations.)

If you’re into ancient archaeology of Roman times, check out this game!
Roman Town: The Premiere Archaeology Computer Game (archeology, ancient history) – This unique and innovative educational computer game lets you experience archaeology in a hands-on, interactive way that brings history to life. Created by a professional archaeologist and teacher, Roman Town lets you be an archaeologist and manage a team of diggers at a realistic excavation site. Experience the thrill of uncovering priceless artifacts such as pottery, bones, and coins. Exercise your problem solving and analytical thinking skills with fun puzzles and mini-games as you analyze valuable artifacts. Walk through Roman buildings in the ancient 3D-rendered town of Fossura, destroyed in 79 AD by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Solve mysteries from the past and discover the details of daily life centuries ago. Players are presented with authentic and accurate information about Roman history and the process of archeology while practicing their reading comprehension and building their vocabulary. You’ll even learn some Latin! A teacher’s manual is available at for those who are interested in using the game in a classroom or homeschool setting.

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