Learn the Constitution with Playing Cards

America now has her own playing cards. Join the REVOLUTION!

With the new Official American Standard Playing Cards, you can play all the same games as a regular deck of cards. However, these cards represent America and her founding documents. Americans can play with figures that make up We the People! No more Jacks, Queens or Kings but with Gentlemen, Ladies and Patriots. The Patriot replaces the King!

Not only do these playing cards make up the founding of our country, they are also a tool to teach children and parents alike the limited powers of government and rights of its people. These cards will etch the Constitution in the hearts of every American.

Right now, Walmart is having a contest called Get On The Shelf. They are looking for three new products to put on their shelves. The American Standard Playing Cards product is competing in Walmart’s Get On The Shelf contest! Go to http://www.getontheshelf.com/product/3396/American-Standard-Playin and VOTE for the American Standard Playing Cards! Then share this with your friends and family and everyone in your network, so they can vote too. Let’s make the Constitution a standard part of American society.


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