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April 1-7 is National Week of the Ocean, and April is also Zoo and Aquarium Month. So for today’s post I’ve found some cool virtual aquariums!

Click here to get more mini-SharkBreak – Shark Break was designed to help raise awareness for marine life conservation and ocean preservation through a relaxing, creative, and fun online environment.

Fish Tycoon – This virtual aquarium game is really original and provides some very interesting real-time gameplay. In Fish Tycoon these are your fish, and like real fish, you need to take care of them. Feed them, cure them if they get sick, and breed them. Then sell some of your fish and with the money that you earn, you can buy supplies, special chemicals, and ornaments to customize your own fish tank.

Aquatic Seafari – The oceans of the world are filled with so many interesting animals! In fact, there are thousands of different kinds or “species.” You probably already know about and like many sea animals like dolphins, whales, seals and penguins. But there are others that seem mysterious because most people don’t really know much about them. Here are some fun facts and beautiful images that will help you get to know these unique creatures a little better.

EFISH – A virtual aquarium from the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences at Virginia Tech. Click on fish thumbnails or select fish from the family list below to go to the representative species of the families found in Virginia waters. Key characteristics, aquatic habitats, distribution in Virginia, food and reproductive habitats for each species are provided. – Build-Your-Own-Fish online and release them into the Virtual FishTank(TM) exhibits at the Museum Of Science, Boston, and the St. Louis Science Center. You can also release your fish into an online simulated tank, or save your fish and go to the Museum to retrieve and release your fish there using an interactive kiosk. The Virtual FishTank(TM) exhibit teaches lessons about emergent behavior, group behavior and modeling.

Amazing Virtual Aquarium (29:00) – No aquarium? No problem! Now you can transform your TV or computer into an exotic aquarium. Delight in watching real tropical fish, with relaxing natural sounds. Perfect for any room in your home – toddlers and cats love it! In fact, it’s fascinating to watch anytime, anywhere! Watch it in full screen mode, and it’s like the real thing! Fish never float to the top of the screen!

NEXT POST: Stay tuned tomorrow for Virtual Zoos!

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