Fun Links About Libraries and Librarians

My previous posts have been pretty long, so to wrap up National Library Week I’m going to keep it simple. Here are some fun and interesting links about librarians and libraries.

25 Famous Librarians Who Changed History – A fascinating overview of world leaders, authors, teachers, philosophers and scholars who also had careers as librarians. Some of the names are familiar, while others may surprise you!

History of the Children’s Library – The oldest freestanding children’s library in the country is located in Palo Alto, California. Established more than 70 years ago, the Children’s Library is administered by the Palo Alto City Library. The Children’s Library was built in the Spanish Colonial Revival style featuring a hand-molded Mission tile roof, a charming fireplace tiled with scenes from fairy tales, child-sized furnishings, and a brick-wall enclosed Secret Garden reminiscent of the one in Frances Burnett’s story of the same name. Renovated in 2007, the updated Children’s Library is not only charming and respectful of its heritage, but strives to be a vibrant learning and entertainment center for children. Two new wings have been built that add nearly 2500 square feet for programming and collections. You will find delightful art work, fun furnishings, comfortable seating, up-to-date computer access, and an expanded collection of books and media. The Tree Top Room, opening onto the Secret Garden, is a welcoming space for quiet reading.

Top 10 Libraries for Children – “A visit to the local library is one of the best ways to get a child interested in learning. At the most basic level, a children’s library provides a collection of reading materials. Then there are libraries that go far beyond that. We’ve uncovered some of the country’s most dynamic libraries for kids. These libraries are designed to stimulate young imaginations and foster engagement with books and literacy programs. They play a vital role in not only educating children, but getting them excited about books….We looked for libraries that have visually appealing spaces for children, a full range of programs, large collections, integrate new technologies and proven success in getting kids to engage.” Are you lucky enough to have one of these libraries near you?

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