It’s National Weather Observer’s Day!

The aim of this holiday is to have fun learning about weather for the day. You can observe the weather by looking out the window, or you can have a weather observing party right in your own backyard. Look up into the sky and see what you can see. Watch the clouds move, and see what shapes you can spot in the clouds. The kids will love it! You can also read books about weather, and share stories about extreme weather that you’ve seen in the past. Check the Weather Channel or look at the weather on Google Earth. Visit the following websites for additional activities and weather information: – An informative page on weather and climate.

National Weather Service Cooperative Weather Observer Program – The tradition of weather observing can be traced back to Colonial days, long before a National Weather Service was established, when people with a curiosity to learn more about the weather began to record their observations of the atmosphere and weather phenomena.

The Perfect Storm (PDF) – A compilation of six magazines from Cobblestone Publishing exploring the same theme at the same time – the world of weather! This 157-page e-book contains the complete March 2012 issues of COBBLESTONE (American history for ages 9 and up), ODYSSEY (science for ages 9 and up), CALLIOPE (world history for ages 9 and up), FACES (world cultures for ages 9 and up), DIG (archaeology for ages 9 and up), and APPLESEEDS (history and culture for ages 7 to 10) – all gathered into one digital edition. “We wanted to combine editorial forces and show kids how weather shapes history, culture, science, and technology,” says Lou Waryncia, editorial director. The covers can even be put together to form a mosaic poster depicting nature’s extreme weather fury – drought, flood, lightning, blizzard, hurricane, and tornadoes. Click here to go to the digital download page, or click here to download the PDF directly.

Operation: Monster Storms – Fly into the eye of a hurricane or chase tornadoes through Tornado Alley. Learn how powerful storms form and how cutting-edge technology is used to better understand and forecast weather. Download the full curriculum for free!

Make a Barometer – Do you know what the air pressure is today? You can find out for yourself by measuring the air pressure on a barometer. Free activity from the Miami Museum of Science.

Dan’s Wild, Wild Weather Page – An interactive educational site for kids, parents, and teachers from meteorologist Dan Satterfield.

The Weather Dude – Welcome to the weather education site especially for students, parents, kids and teachers from national TV meteorologist Nick Walker. This site features musical meteorology pages! Nick uses his vocal, instrumental and songwriting talents to drive home his meteorological message.

Weather Images – This is a one-stop weather site provided free to the general public. This concise and user-friendly weather website conveniently pulls together the most valuable and frequently accessed weather data on the Internet. From here, you can get radar and satellite imagery, other weather maps, and cool weather cam views!

The AMS Weather Education Resource Page – Weather information and weather education for students, parents, teachers and the general public.

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