The Lewis & Clark Expedition Departed on May 14,1804

The Lewis and Clark Expedition was an amazing feat of exploration and a great example of a successful team effort. It was the first trip ever made across the United States to the Pacific Ocean. The two leaders who shared the command were Meriwether Lewis (30) and William Clark (34) . Neither Lewis nor Clark had much formal schooling while growing up. Clark’s older brothers taught him frontier skills and he was trained in the art of surveying. In the army he learned engineering, construction, topography, and wilderness survival. Lewis was educated by a series of tutors and he learned about plants from his mother, an herbalist. Lewis was an avid reader and as President Thomas Jefferson’s personal secretary he had access to many great books. To prepare for the expedition, Clark studied astronomy and cartography while Lewis took crash courses in natural history, navigation, and basic first-aid. They also relied on the specialized skills and talents of each carefully hand-picked individual on their team. Read more about the men and the expedition.

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