Get Ready to Play… it’s National Backyard Games Week

The 15th annual National Backyard Games Week takes place from now until Memorial Day. National Backyard Games Week was introduced by Patch Products in 1998 as a means for bringing families and friends together to enjoy the outdoors while promoting physical activity. To be fair to everyone, try to choose games that are suitable for individuals of all ages.

Not sure what to play? Do you have horseshoes, golf clubs, or an old badminton or croquet set hidden in a corner of your garage? How about any other sports equipment such as a basketball hoop, volleyball net,  or tetherball? Even if all you do is throw a football back and forth, that counts.

Other popular backyard games that don’t require expensive equipment include hide-and-seek, bean bag toss, kickball and Frisbee. For a cool family fun activity you can purchase a water sprinkler, water balloons, or water guns. If you have a swimming pool, that’s even better!

Buzzle has a page of swimming games for kids. Kaboose has a page describing seven backyard games that are perfect for family barbecues, summer parties, birthdays and more! Take a look at TLC’s Backyard Games for Kids. Disney Family has a list of ten fun outdoor games for kids. Read about 8 backyard games from SheKnows. Be sure to try these Classic Kids Outdoor Games That Parents and Grandparents Used to Play.

For additional ideas, you may want to ask the rest of your family for suggestions. Maybe they know of some fun backyard games or activities that you never even heard of before. Or be creative and make up your own games! Enter them in the Clif Kid Backyard Game of the Year Contest. Check out the previous winners to help you get inspired!

Spending the day in your own backyard is a great way to not only have fun, but to get some fresh air and exercise while spending quality time with your family. So fire up the grill, invite friends and family over to play, and kick off the summer in a fun and healthy way!

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