Watch Young Earth/Old Earth Creationists Debate

Here’s something you must see if you haven’t already! TBN filmed a two-hour interview program on Praise the Lord that aired worldwide from Costa Mesa, CA, on Thursday, May 31. Watch the archived video on TBN’s website.

I don’t normally follow the show, but I heard about this episode and watched it later online. I couldn’t resist seeing all of these interviewees together: Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, Dr. Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe, Ray Comfort of Living Waters, Dr. John A. Bloom of Biola University, Sean McDowell of Worldview Ministries, and Eric Hovind of Creation Today. The host was Matt Crouch.

It was interesting to observe all of these men’s different speaking styles, and they each have their own particular agenda that they’re passionate about. Ray Comfort of Way of the Master fame was his usual entertaining self. But the program turned into a debate on Genesis between literal creationist (young earth) Ken Ham and progressive creationist (old earth) Hugh Ross. Ken later reported that he had a “fire” to get across a message of biblical authority to viewers: that Christians should not take the opinions of fallible scientists and reinterpret the plain teachings of Genesis concerning Creation and Flood.

This episode of Praise the Lord is TBN’s most popular video right now by far; it had 22,772 views when I saw it. Check it out for yourself. Who do you think won the debate?

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