A Story a Day

Experts say that reading to your child is one of the most important things you can do for their mental and social development. All it takes is 20 minutes per day, but with 365 days in a year, what if you run out of stuff to read?

Well, that will never be a problem because Knowonder! gives you fresh NEW professionally written stories, every single day of every month. And what’s better? Those stories are FREE! You can read them on your computer, laptop, iPad, or mobile phone, wherever and whenever you need them. Sign up for the app on your smart phone by searching the name Knowonder – then you will have access to the stories anywhere.

In addition to the Story-a-Day, the Knowonder! site provides new Fun Facts each week. Get word puzzles each Monday and Friday (viewable on the app, download printables from the website). They also have all of the great classic stories like Velveteen Rabbit, The Ugly Duckling, Aesop’s Fables, and more!

In addition, kids can submit their own stories and artwork, and see artwork from other kids around the world. The top 3 kid stories, and the top 3 kid art submissions will even win prize awards!

Literacy, creativity, and fun await you and your kids at Knowonder!

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