Summer Reading Fun

Long days, hot weather, and vacation time all provide abundant opportunity for reading – but with so many books to choose from, you don’t want to waste time on mediocre ones. This post is devoted to making the most of your summer reading experience.

How to Choose a Good Book offers general guidelines on what to look for.

Some books are written in such a way that they are ideally suited for reading aloud. Such books utilize words, sentences, and figurative language in creative ways to enhance the plot development, bring the characters to life, and create a mood. Check out this list of Read-Aloud Favorites that adults can enjoy reading and no child should grow up without hearing.

For some cool reading fun geared around summer getaway themes, download and print this Summer Reading List. (Many of these titles are also on the read-aloud list!) It’s annotated and organized by age/grade. Take it along with you the next time you visit the library.

Happy Reading!

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