Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day

Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day is celebrated every July 7th. On this special day, fathers and daughters of all ages are encouraged to go for a walk. You can take a walk around your neighborhood, in the city, the mall, a park, or nature preserve. The purpose of this day is to simply spend some time together. Because the thing children most often want (and often don’t get) from their parents is their undivided time and attention. Spending time with your kids and taking an interest in them helps their self-esteem by giving them a feeling of acceptance and a sense of worth.

Doing something as simple as taking a walk together can do a world of good for a father-daughter relationship (or any parent-child relationship for that matter!). Going for a walk lets a parent and child spend time together away from the distractions of television, computers, bills, and homework. That one-on-one time gives children a wonderful chance to have your full attention and lets them know that they are important to you. It’s a good way to open the lines of communication, which is something that is especially needed with teenagers.

Regardless of whether your daughter is a little girl or grown up, Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day is a free and easy way to get out and get reacquainted. And not only is walking absolutely free, but it’s also a great way for you and your child to get some exercise! A brisk 30-minute walk will be a good cardiovascular conditioning and strengthening exercise for both of you. With the health benefits associated with walking, and the emotional / psychological benefits of family bonding time, why not make going for a walk a regular habit!

Here are a few helpful resources for starting a family walking program:

http://www.fitness.gov/BCBSAfinalfinalWalkGuide.pdf – Walking Works (PDF booklet).

http://suite101.com/article/10-000-steps-a-day-a40852 – The 10,000 Steps a Day Challenge.

http://www.gym60program.com/2011/05/gym60-12-week-family-walking-plan – Gym60 12-Week Family Walking Plan

P.S. A walking program can also be counted as a homeschool P.E. credit!


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