Teaching Math with Picture Books

It’s never too early to starting giving young children a good foundation in math. Math-related picture books can help them realize the variety of situations in which people use mathematics for real purposes. Or if your child is having difficulty with a particular math concept such as money, consider using a children’s book to assist him. The “Easy-as-Pi” math site contains a list of picture books that help teach basic math concepts: http://www.easy-as-pi-math.com/mathbooks.html

Here is another good book:

This special counting book visually explores the concepts of factoring and the role of prime and composite numbers. The playful and colorful monsters are designed to give children (and even older audiences) an intuitive understanding of the building blocks of numbers and the basics of multiplication. The introduction and appendices are designed to help adult readers answer questions about factoring from their young audience.

Inspire your children to get even more involved with the book by downloading these monster-themed coloring sheets.

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