How is Your Child’s Math Force?

Do your children understand the basics and have number sense? Can they apply the math they know to new problems? Do they remember how to do arithmetic if they haven’t done it in a while? Can they make simple calculations in their head? Do they know quickly what is 6+8 or 6×8? How about 48 ÷ 12? Can they estimate answers without using a calculator?

Canadian author Susan Jarema, writer and producer of the Googol Power Math Series, wrote the children’s book Nena’s Math Force to inspire children to see the importance of understanding the basics of math. In this magical story, Great Thinkers and historical characters such as Archimedes, Galileo, Da Vinci, Mozart and Cleopatra are called upon to help Nena discover the patterns in numbers, develop number sense, and make sure she does not only rely on memorization of her math facts. Nena’s Math Force can be viewed for free online at

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