Me, The Professor, Fuzzy, and The Meaning of Life

A free graphic novel about the meaning of life! Written in a serious cartoon style with dialogue, this is not a silly comic. It’s a wise lesson in pictures that culminates in the wonderful conclusion that God is a logical deduction, and Christianity is the only rational truth. Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis declares, “This is the best book I have ever read to teach someone how to logically show that Christianity (and the God of the Bible) is the only rational truth.” Captivating and challenging, it’s an excellent non-threatening witnessing tool for teens and young adults. Author/Illustrator David Pensgard says:

At the time it was written, this graphic novel (or comic book) was created by a young man who had just come out of a top-10 university in the United States. Curiously, he was left with more questions after attending this school than he had before he entered it! Of course, I was that young man. After graduating, for myself as much as for the readers I imagined having, I began thinking and writing and sketching. I was actually surprised to discover that I could form a decent argument “from scratch,” and without any help. It was actually easy, perhaps too easy. Because of this I rigorously tested my logic and presuppositions. I employed the help of friends from many different religious and philosophical backgrounds to test me in my arguments. Finally, being convinced that I had a decent every-man’s argument, I decided to get the message out. This is the result!

Read Me, The Professor, Fuzzy, and The Meaning of Life online for free at (or order a paperback copy at Amazon).

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