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I think it’s sad that the host of our children’s favorite 1990’s PBS science program, Bill Nye “the Science Guy,” has become such an outspoken secular evangelist. In a recent video titled Creationism Is Not Appropriate for Children, he preaches that teaching your kids creationism is akin to child abuse. In doing so, he insults everyone who doesn’t believe in evolution – including creation scientists and intelligent design theorists – many of whom are biologists, geologists, astronomers, geneticists, and medical doctors with more advanced degrees than Nye has.

Dr. David Menton (Ph.D. in biology) and Dr. Georgia Purdom (Ph.D. in molecular genetics), have made a video in reply to Mr. Nye (who holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering), explaining the falsity of his arguments. (Scroll down to see the video below.) In addition, Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, MD, says Nye erroneously stated that “evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science, in all of biology.”

In an article titled “Bill Nye’s Crusade for Your Kids,” Dr. Mitchell wrote: “The most fundamental law that is observable in biology, the law of biogenesis, indicates that life only arises from living things. Yet evolutionists like Nye claim life randomly created itself from non-living elements. Despite this blatant contradiction between Nye’s statement and this incontrovertible law of observational biological science and the fact that scientists have never observed life coming from non-life, Nye considers evolution the most fundamental of biological laws.”

Read the rest of Dr. Mitchell’s article as well as the articles listed below for more information about the scientific basis for the positions creation scientists take. I think perhaps Nye has some catching up to do in his own scientific understanding.

I don’t get why Bill Nye feels it’s necessary to go on a mission to teach children evolution anyway, when that’s all they teach in the public schools. So it would seem that he’s going after Christian schools and homeschoolers. I don’t know about other homeschool families, but we teach our kids both theories, if for no other reason than so they can see the inherent problems with evolution. The truth is, accurate history never violates biblical history, and correct scientific interpretation of our past does not contradict the Bible.

Bill Nye was a student of atheist Carl Sagan, and he received the 2010 humanist of the year award, so obviously he has an anti-God agenda. Thus, it should not be surprising to anyone that he would come out with such a blast at those who don’t state evolution as fact. But if we can teach evolution alongside creation science, why is Bill Nye so adamant against teaching creationism alongside evolution? What is it that he’s so afraid of???

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