180 Day

Living Waters has marked the second Wednesday of every month as “180″ Day. The purpose of “180″ Day is to keep up the momentum of “180″ through regular monthly days of “180″-related online and real-world activities. This day is all about saving the lives of unborn children, and seeking to see the lost come to genuine repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Many people are moving from a pro-choice to a pro-life point of view as a result of “180″ – a powerful educational tool comparing the societal horrors of the Holocaust with those of abortion, convincing viewers to respect the value of all human life. Please help spread the word about “180”—by giving out “180” business cards or gospel tracts, wearing “180” apparel, sharing the DVD, or promoting the 180movie.com websitebefore the upcoming elections. It would be tragic to convince people that abortion is wrong, after they have wasted a vote!

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