Politics, the Pulpit, & Religious Freedom

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” ~First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

In their efforts to convince Americans that an impenetrable “wall” exists between church and state, aggressive secularists have persuaded many pastors and church leaders that their God-given right to freely worship, freely speak their faith, and freely assemble with other believers is at the mercy of bureaucrats.

These officials are encroaching as never before on the autonomy of churches and their leaders, to the point that their ability to proclaim the full counsel of God’s Word is endangered. Perhaps the most intimidating intrusion comes from the threat of IRS audits and even potential loss of 501(c)(3) tax exemption for pastors who speak to their congregations – from a scriptural basis – about the positions of political candidates on moral issues.

Across America today, pastors and church leaders are being silenced. And when the church is silent, the culture suffers. The future of religious liberty depends on a free pulpit to communicate fundamental, biblical principles to congregations across America. The future of religious liberty in America hinges in large part on the willingness of pastors and church leaders to act, minister, and speak up boldly for the God-given freedoms protected by our Constitution.

A growing movement of churches will be preaching the biblical truth about candidates and elections from their pulpits on October 7, 2012. Speaking freely from a biblical perspective, they’re extending a tradition birthed in the earliest days of America– when pastors used their pulpits to encourage our independence, to speak out against slavery, and proclaim their support for the Civil Rights movement. They were not just the spokesmen for their churches, but the moral leaders of their communities.

You too can become a vital part of the next Great Awakening in America. Unleash the voice of the church and speak up! If you want more information, go to the Alliance Defending Freedom site.

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