Kirk Cameron – Actor, Film Producer, Homeschool Dad



Kirk Cameron is an actor and film producer who has used his celebrity as a platform to share the gospel of Christ. He has found many ways to live out a Christian example, by donating his time and talents to serve others in various causes such as providing rest and recreation for seriously ill children, raising awareness of human rights abuses in Southeast Asia, and offering advice to married couples. He is also a homeschool dad! “Home educating (or as we like to call it, “life schooling”) our kids affords me the privilege of doing cool things with my boys like bringing them with me to a business meeting … and learning how to fly fish.” Read Kirk’s biography and learn more about his homeschool philosophy at:

Kirk Cameron: Still Growing – In this intimate autobiography, Kirk opens up about his early years, his rocket to stardom, his life-changing encounter with Jesus and the hard choices he’s made along the way to live in the Way of the Master. Fans will get an up-close and personal look at what drives the former teen-magazine heartthrob and find out how God and family became the secrets behind his celebrated smile. In his own words, Kirk shares how he’s still growing–even through the triumphs and temptations of his Hollywood career.

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