180 Day: Paul Ryan Look-alike

“When Paul Ryan stepped onto the national stage, we could hardly believe our eyes!” exclaimed Ray Comfort of 180 Movie fame. “It was as though Ryan and one of our actors had been separated at birth. They had the same eyes, facial expression, height and physique. So we called him into our production studios, had a mock press conference and released it on YouTube to see if anyone could tell the difference.” The actor’s name is Greg Elsasser, who stars in a popular Christian comedy series called Roman and Jorge. Ray Comfort added, “I hope his looks give him the big break he’s looking for. We have used him a number of times in our own TV programs, but like many in Hollywood he has great talent but has never been noticed. Until now, that is.”

Please help spread the word about “180″by giving out “180″ business cards or gospel tracts, wearing “180″ apparel, sharing the DVD, inviting a friend to watch “180” or promoting the 180movie.com websitebefore the election.

P.S. Be sure to watch the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan tomorrow night!

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