A Mathematics “Miracle” for 2013

I received an e-mail today that I wanted to share with you (see below), because it includes links to two free ebooks of helpful tips for teaching math. I just skimmed through them and they contain a lot of useful information offering a nice practical approach to the study of math – especially if you’re the parent of a pre-teen or teen who constantly questions “Why do I need to bother learning this stuff?” Visit the author’s website and sign up for his mailing list to receive another free ebook on teaching math. In addition, for a reasonable price, he offers online video lessons that would be good for kids who like to watch videos and play online games, but who get bored to tears working out of a math textbook. 😉

Dear friend,

This Message is for any parent who wants to give A Great Mathematics Education to their middle or high school level child in 2013.

Please forward and share this message with any parent you know who is not already achieving this noble goal.

This will be of special interest to any parent whose child is not thriving on math, or who is struggling teaching their child the standard mathematics curriculum that is offered in virtually all regular math programs and books.

We have a wonderful gift for that parent that comes in the form of two books they may download in PDF format with our compliments at:


These are short books that can each be read in less than an hour.

But, don’t let that fool you.  They can be transformative.

These two amazing books explain in depth why a student and/or teacher may be struggling with math, and exactly how to correct and transform the situation.

The first book you should read is entitled Math? Help! How to Find Interactive, Online Math in Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry for Teens & Adults.

This is aimed at both the parent and the child or adult wishing to learn math.

The second book you will want to read is entitled:  How to Give Your Child a Great Math Education in Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry.

This book is aimed at the parent/teacher specifically.

Of course, you may purchase Kindle editions at Amazon, but we will give you complimentary PDF versions at our website:

These books are authored by Dr. Craig Hane, a long time successful math teacher you may learn all about at http://www.triadmathinc.com

Dr. Hane’s mission or “crusade” is to be sure any student is given a post-elementary mathematics education that is appropriate for the child, and that the child be very successful.  He knows how this can be done, and shares this insight with you in these two books we are giving you.

After reading these two books, you will be invited to engage in a longer term relationship with Dr. Hane by joining his Matheracy Crusade, and benefiting from many free materials he will share with you and then possibly buy some amazing mathematics educational resources he has created.  But, not until you understand the situation we are all in thoroughly, which you will after reading these two books.

So, please pass this along to any parent who is not completely satisfied with the mathematics program they are delivering their middle or high school level child, and wants to be more than satisfied.

Just have them go to:  http://homeschoolmathematics.com/mathhelp and download the two PDF books and read them.

Then they’ll know what to do.

I wish you a very successful New Year.

Thank you.

Debbie Goodman
Triad Math Inc.
1983 N. Hunt St.
Terre Haute, Indiana 47805
Phone:  812-355-3030
Email: dgoodman[at]triadmathinc.com

P.S. Investing two hours in reading these two books may be the best thing you can do to start off the new year if you are interested in mathematics education for middle or high school level students.

Just go to http://homeschoolmathematics.com/mathhelp and download these two PDF books and read them.

They will make an otherwise unattainable New Year’s resolution attainable.

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