Pro-life: the Human Rights Issue of Today

January 22, 2013 marked the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and on Friday January 25th the MARCH FOR LIFE organization is commemorating that solemn occasion with the 40th anniversary of the largest human rights demonstration in the world, the March for Life in Washington D.C.

The pro-life movement has made tremendous strides to educate the American people on the gift of life. Although there is much more to do, there are 40 reasons for hope! See also the Life Principles that guide the March for Life.

Did you know…? Evangelist Ray Comfort will co-host the nationally syndicated Mike Gallagher Show on the Salem Radio Network (SRN) on Friday, January 25. The show airs live from 9am-Noon, Eastern; 6am-9am Pacific. Pro-life issues will be the focus of the  three-hour program.

Please note, the program may not be carried live on the radio in your local market. To listen live on the Internet, click HERE.
After the show airs, you can listen to a recording of the show HERE.
For a list of stations and times for Mike Gallagher’s show, click HERE.


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