How to Raise Your Son to Be a Man: Book & DVD

Few things in life work out the way we want without planning. In its most basic form, a plan is straightforward: Set a goal, then determine what steps are needed to achieve that goal. Why, then, do so many families neglect to plan when it comes to raising their children?

Manhood is not simply achieved by reaching a certain age; it is planned, earned, and—above all—affirmed by the older males in every boy’s life. Becoming a man does not just happen; it is a process—a boy’s passage to a man’s journey.

Primarily designed for fathers and sons, Boy’s Passage, Man’s Journey by Brian Molitor is an eye-opening message of how to deliberately and strategically transform young boys into productive and godly men. The 240-page book is filled with valuable examples, biblical wisdom, and practical advice from a father who is passing on his faith and legacy to the next generation.

Discover how to design and implement a plan for young men-in-the-making using the powerful principles of lifelong mentoring, intentional blessing, and rites of passage. Molitor also addresses some of the more difficult situations – what about the prodigal son, how can single moms do this for their boys, can grandparents do this if their own children are unwilling, etc.

The accompanying DVD contains five engaging video conversations with father and actor, Kirk Cameron, in which Molitor teaches how to create and implement a family plan, and more importantly, how to consistently live it and maintain it.

If you prefer the book only, you can order it at Amazon.

Or purchase the complete boxed set from The Kirk Cameron Store which includes the book, DVD, and a 64-page study guide. Order now and you will also get Bound For Glory: A Practical Handbook For Raising A Victorious Family by R.C. Sproul completely FREE!

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