FREE Pocket Catechism on the Constitution

The Constitution of the United States… it’s America’s supreme law, and the greatest legal document ever written. Respected worldwide, more than 100 countries have modeled their governments on it. But it gets no respect at home. Few Americans read it, and even fewer understand it. Your elected leaders have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. Do you know if they are keeping their word? You can’t defend your Constitution if you don’t understand it.

How well do YOU know the Constitution?

Do you know what’s in it?

Better yet, do you know what’s NOT in it?

Download a FREE Pocket Catechism on the Constitution! This digital reprint of an 1828 book by Arthur J. Stansbury contains a wealth of information about the founding political document of our country, with 333 study questions and answers. Written less than 40 years after the Constitution was ratified, the Catechism was the standard elementary textbook for teaching American schoolchildren about the U.S. Constitution!

Today the Catechism is a much-needed and informative lesson on American politics and law – and an intriguing look into the way the U.S. Constitution was understood, interpreted, and taught in the early years of our nation. Do your part to turn the country back to a limited federal government by getting, reading, and studying the Pocket Catechism on the Constitution. Written in Question & Answer format, it has been described as the “U.S. Constitution FAQ.”

P.S. Paperback copies are free, too! – just pay a nominal shipping/handling charge.

P.P.S. You can also download a Kindle edition

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