U.S. House of Representatives Puts its History Online

Are your kids studying American History, Civics, or Government? Here’s an excellent resource: http://history.house.gov

This recently launched website covers the careers of 11,000 politicians who have served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1789 to the present, making political research a little easier. A collaborative effort by Office of the Historian and the Clerk of the House’s Office of Art and Archives, the website seeks to serve as the “institution’s memory and a resource for Members, staff, and the general public.”

Matt Wasniewski, House historian and one of the project’s leaders, explained that an enormous amount of history previously existed on the House clerk’s website, but needed to be transferred to a more easily navigable site. What ensued was an entire year of work that ultimately led to the creation of this website, according to Wasniewski.

Current features of the website include the ability to search collections and oral history, find records of past House leaders, and get obscure facts. The website contains nearly 1,000 items in its database that consists of everything House-related — from paintings to photos to vintage furniture to congressional baseball cards. Soon, Wasniewski said the site will have weekly highlights and statistical tables along with a YouTube page, RSS feed and Twitter account.

Visit http://history.house.gov and discover the rich heritage of “the People’s House.” Explore its unique story, its central role in U.S. history, and the men and women who have shaped it. Browse its collections, access historical data, read essays, download lessons, and find additional resources. Here are some interesting items to start with:

U.S. House of Representatives Trivia

House History Timeline

Electronic Technology in the House of Representatives

Congressional Glossary of Terms

Women in Congress (PDF)

What’s on the Menu?

Browse the Collections :

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