Seahorse’s School: new ebook about the letter S

AlphaBeginnings is a new ebook series for children ages 3-5!

“Seahorse’s School” is FREE.


Seahorse and her students are hosting a super science fair with projects centered around the letter “S.” Which project would you vote for?

Click here to download.

Author Bio:
Wife, mother of four, and author are just a few “hats” I get to wear on a daily basis. I have a BA degree in Early Childhood Education and oodles of experience in educating children. As a Pre-K teacher, I liked to saturate my classroom with the letter of the week. Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for regarding books, this AlphaBeginnings alphabet series was born. I have just published 10 ebooks that I have personally authored and illustrated. Please visit the link below for information.

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