Persuasive Games Engage Students in Learning

In a recent survey, 40% of educators reported that online applications and games are the most effective way to engage students. Games can even influence players to take action.

According to Persuasive Games, “Games communicate differently than other media; they not only deliver messages, but also simulate experiences. While often thought to be just a leisure activity, games can also become rhetorical tools.”

Teachers and homeschool parents can find free online games to incorporate into their lessons. Persuasive Games is one developer that offers a variety of games used to teach high school students about everything from the flu virus to debt. For example…

Windfall is a strategy game about building wind farms to create clean energy profitably.

Play Windfall by Persuasive Games

Colorfall is a puzzle game promoting cognitive health and physical activity.

KillerFlu is a game that allows you to learn more about how the influenza virus is transmitted and how it changes every year, and why pandemic flu is a bit different to normal seasonal flu.

DebtSki is a game about savings, debt, and its consequences.

In Food Import Folly, students act as FDA inspectors and check foreign food shipments for contaminants.

In The Arcade Wire: Bacteria Salad, your goal is to harvest mass amounts of cheap produce and sell it for as much profit as possible – but watch out for E. Coli!

Disaffected! puts the player in the role of an employee behind the counter at a typical Kinko’s copy store.

Visit the Persuasive Games website to play all of these games and more!

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