Teaching the Aviators Model Code of Conduct to Kids

NEW! Teaching the Aviators Model Code of Conduct to Kids (free PDF download) is an abridged and simplified explanation of the Aviators Model Code of Conduct.

“Teaching the Aviators Model Code of Conduct to Kids will bring awareness of the boundless opportunities within the aviation and aerospace industries to the classrooms around the world. The AMCC will introduce students to what it takes to be a good pilot, to fly safely, and be a good passenger if they take a ride in a small plane. Learning the basic rules of flying will help them succeed in many areas of their lives—as students now, and as adults in the future.” ~Captain Judy Rice of ThinkGlobal Flight

Developed by a team of aviation professionals and drawing upon decades of research and experience, the AMCC promotes ongoing improvements in flying quality and safety. It’s available as a free public service along with supporting materials.

http://www.secureav.com – Codes of Conduct and supporting materials for the entire aviation community – Aviators, Flight Instructors, Student Pilots, Seaplane Pilots, Light Sport Aviators, Glider Aviators, and Aviation Maintenance Technicians.

http://www.secureav.com/teaching.html – Teaching Resources Page supporting the Aviators Model Code of Conduct.

If your child is interested in aviation, check out this inspiring article about a homeschooling teen pilot; it also mentions the ThinkGlobalFlight program which is open to homeschoolers: http://www.homeschoolingteen.com/2013/02/jessica-seaman-the-sky-is-just-the-beginning/

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