Vocabulary.com: Personalized Vocabulary Instruction

Ranked as one of the “50 Best Websites of 2012” by TIME, Vocabulary.com is a great tool for improving your vocabulary. It combines an adaptive learning system (The Challenge) with “the world’s fastest dictionary” (The Dictionary), so that you can learn new words quickly and effectively.

The site tests your vocabulary skills with more than 100,000 multiple-choice questions, and refines its choices as it learns about your command of the English language. Then it patiently returns to words you missed until you get them right.

Additional features include a Word Blog, a Choose Your Words section to help you differentiate between similar and commonly confused words, and Vocabulary Lists such as “PSAT Words,” “100 Top SAT Words,” “100 SAT Words Beginning with A,” “100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know,” etc.

Users can also create and share vocabulary lists to complement lesson plans or just for fun, and there are thousands of premade lists to choose from on many different topics such as literary works, historical documents, speeches, current events, test prep, etc.

Registration is required, but it’s FREE and in addition to all of the above it keeps track of your personalized learning process with charts and graphs showing your progress.

Regardless of your education level or age, Vocabulary.com will help you to master the words that are essential to success in academics, business, and life.

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