Free app: Our Journey in the Hospital

When a child is in the hospital, parents can be overwhelmed by nurses and doctors rushing around, speaking medical jargon. Sometimes health care professionals think they are clearly communicating, but don’t check to make sure you understand them. One way to be sure you understand is if you are able to teach back their information in your own words.

The Emily Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital presents Our Journey™ in the Hospital as a tool to help families of a sick child identify everything that they need to know. Parts of this app may also be used during a clinic or emergency room visit.

Our Journey™ in the Hospital app is designed to:

– Be used from the time of admission, to help with conversations between families and the health care team while the child is in the hospital.

– Help parents identify what they need to know before taking their child home safely.

– Give parents a safe way to admit what they don’t know or understand, and ask questions.

– Cue families on what they need to teach back or demonstrate for their nurse or doctor. This gives the health care professional a chance to confirm information and skills and correct any misunderstandings.

– Help families feel confident that they can safely care for their child at home after discharge from the hospital, know the signs of possible problems, and know how to respond.

Our Journey™ in the Hospital app contains: 

  • Topics to discuss and teach back to your health care team
  • PDFs with additional information and checklists
  • Links to online health resources

The Our Journey in the Hospital app is available at no cost for iPad users; iPhone and Android compatible versions are forthcoming.

This app was developed by MediaKube LLC and was funded by a grant from The Phoenix Children’s Hospital Patient & Family Alumni Leadership (PALs) group. As former patients and their immediate family members, PALs members are in a unique position to understand families’ needs and remain committed to raising funds that improve conditions for patients and families.
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