The Homeschooler’s Guide to World Missions

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Have you or anyone you know thought about going on a missions trip?    Or maybe you’ve already been on one and are ready to go again.

Whatever the case, we want to help you impact the world with the Gospel.

That’s why we’re really excited about our new ebook,” The Homeschooler’s Guide to World Missions.”

In the ebook, Elizabeth Fox, CollegePlus coach and Director of Global Encounters, covers everything you need to know about going on a missions trip.

From deciding where to go, examining your heart, paying for the trip, and what to pack, to name a few, Elizabeth shares valuable lessons learned from her extensive missions experience.

Download it now and start planning your trip!

But what if going on a missions trip isn’t something you’ve been thinking about?

Well, here’s what Elizabeth says in the ebook:

“…and if you’re about to say, ‘Well, this ebook is definitely not talking about me!’ let me just say that I did not start out as the ideal international missions adventure candidate. I actually had no desire to leave the US. Ever. Keep reading a bit further to see if I just might be writing about you. If you make it through section one without seeing yourself in here, you have my permission to stop reading.”

So, even if you don’t think you’re interested in going on a missions trip anytime soon, you’ll want to download it for future reference. You just never know what God is going to call you to do – yes, I say that from experience!

Click here to download your copy of the ebook and take a step toward impacting the world with the Gospel!

This eBook is provided to you compliments of CollegePlus.

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