Electronics Projects for Kids

A software engineer and dad in Silicon Valley was frustrated with the ineffective educational resources available for teaching kids concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). He was looking for something “fun and educational for our kids” that was also “rewarding and engaging for us adults as well.”

Inspired by the 3D printer, Arduino, Make, and DIY movements, he decided to create electronic DIY projects that both parent and kid can collaborate on, learn from, spend quality time together around, and most importantly, have FUN with. Thus, EEME was born.

EEME makes hands-on projects and online video curricula to teach 7-12 year old kids and their parents the fundamentals of electronics. No prior engineering experience is required. Learn about the wonderful world of electronics by watching free video tutorials, complete with interactive exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge of electrical engineering!

EEME‘s first project is called “Project Genius Light.” With the Genius Light project, you will assemble a simple LED circuit system that lights up when it is dark and dims when it is light. As your child works on the project and watches the videos, he or she will not only learn how to assemble the project, but will LEARN the electronic concepts applied – such as Ohm’s Law, voltage dividers, RC circuits.

You can preview the courseware for free (if you provide your e-mail address). To complete the Genius Light project, you will have to purchase a project kit. It will be shipped with all the material needed to build the Genius Light (breadboard, resistors, circuits, LEDs, battery).

The Genius Light is the only project available so far, but the EEME team is in the process of developing more project kits paired with online video curriculum. They’re also working on releasing videos that will teach electronics concepts to you and your child without requiring a project kit.

Sign up on the EEME homepage to receive updates on when the next projects and videos are released.

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