Test Your Knowledge of World Geography

Here’s a great way to spend a rainy day – test your knowledge of world geography! Vacations.info features dozens of world geography quizzes. For example…

  • Name all 50 states in the U.S.
  • List the five Great Lakes.
  • How many world countries can you name?
  • Identify photos of US Presidents and world leaders.
  • Name the state in which each national park is located.
  • Identify cities by landmark photos.
  • Which famous people came from which country?
  • Name a country’s most common language.
  • Name the country best known for each food.
  • Name the country most known for each company.
  • What is somebody from each state called?
  • Identify the flags of world countries.
  • Name the city that contains each museum.
  • Try a world scramble of European countries.
  • Try a world scramble of US cities.

Type your answers in the boxes and see how you score. You have a choice of being timed or not. Want to review the answers first? Click on the button that says “Show Answers.”

Thanks to John for recommending this site. 🙂

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