What Bird Is It?

WhatBird.com is an online search engine for identifying birds of North America, featuring over 900 birds in its database. The site is somewhat complicated, and it takes a while to figure out how to utilize all of the features, but there are many options to choose from.

If you want to identify a bird with specific field marks, you can use the Step by Step Search. Or you can try the Expert Wizard, which will ask questions to help you identify the bird (though the question and answer approach doesn’t have the flexibility of the Step by Step Search).

If you just want to learn about different birds, you can use the Browse feature and simply browse for birds by various attribute: Location, Body Shape, Size, Color, Bill Shape, Wing Shape, Tail Shape, Habitat, Diet, etc. Once the page opens to the attribute, you can click on any bird icon and see its detailed species account. Each bird’s overview page contains detailed information including range and habitat, songs and calls, interesting facts, conservation status, photos and artwork.

To study bird terminology and definitions, see the Glossary.

Avian Sleuth: Call of the Wild – This site also has an online game in which you try to identify birds by their call. You can choose from three habitats: Mountains, Marsh, and Uplands. There are three settings: Easy (birds are visible at all times), Moderate (birds are hidden), Hard (birds are invisible). You can scroll from side to side in the photorealistic scene, and zoom in with binoculars. You can also click on text hints. Once you’ve identified a bird, you can go to its page in the guidebook to learn more about it. The game is really unique, educational, and fun to play! Kids and adults alike will enjoy it. (Now all they need to do is add more varieties of birds and habitats, to make it even more challenging and useful as an educational tool.)


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