Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is declared worldwide in March of every year to honor the contributions of women to events in history and in all aspects of society.

FamousHomeschoolers.net includes quite a few famous women who were homeschooled or self-educated as children and went on to become highly successful in many different fields. Below are some examples:

Abigail Adams
wife of John Adams; mother of John Quincy Adams

Amelia Earhart
American aviation pioneer

Joan of Arc
French military leader; national heroine of France

Florence Nightingale
Nursing pioneer

Clara Barton
started the Red Cross

Beatrix Potter
author of Peter Rabbit Tales

Agatha Christie
mystery writer

Rose Wilder Lane
journalist, ghostwriter, daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Bethany Hamilton
professional surfer of “Soul Surfer” fame

Teresa Scanlan
Miss America 2011

Lila Rose
founder of the pro-life group Live Action

Gianna Jessen
abortion survivor, singer/songwriter, pro-life activist

Susan Wise Bauer
English professor, College of William & Mary; author, The Story of the World series

Visit FamousHomeschoolers.net to read their biographies and more!

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