CSI Web Adventure: Learn Forensic Science

Try your hand at forensic sleuthing with a virtual mystery game designed by Rice University’s Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning to go along with “CSI: The Experience” museum exhibit.

The CSI Web Adventure is an online game that puts students in the shoes of a rookie crime scene investigator, so they can learn what it takes to be a forensic scientist. In Case One: Rookie Training, students learn the underlying science of different forensic disciplines such as forensic biology, ballistics, toxicology, and medical examination. In Cases Two, Three, Four, and Five, players apply what they learned in Rookie Training to solve a crime. They also explore various areas of forensic science including fingerprint analysis, digital forensics, fire investigation, and facial reconstruction. Players collect and analyze evidence from a crime scene, question suspects, and present their findings to solve the case. (The games are based on the popular TV show, but prior knowledge of the television series is not required.)

http://forensics.rice.edu/en/Fun-Stuff/Educators-Guide.html – Download an Educator’s Guide to view the forensic science content in each game. You can also print out quizzes, activities, and worksheets.

http://www.csitheexperience.org – See if “CSI: The Experience” interactive exhibit is coming to a museum near you.

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