Explore Science – One Game at a Time

This week we’ve been focusing on a series of educational games for middle school and high school students that were developed by Rice University’s Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning with two primary goals in mind:

1. Increase students’ science and health knowledge through serious games.
2. Inspire science related careers through serious games.

This site serves as a vehicle to distribute their grant-based game projects to engage students and assist teachers in enhancing their core curriculum. Once you’ve selected a game, a Standards drop-down menu appears next to the Game Jump Menu with direct access to relevant content standards correlations specific to your game selection. All games and companion materials are FREE.

In addition to CSI Web Adventure and Reconstructors which we mentioned earlier, here are several more games in the series:

MedMyst is a series of problem-based learning adventure games in which students use the scientific method and science process skills to investigate infectious disease outbreaks.

In N-Squad, students work with forensic scientists to solve an alcohol related crime. Along the way, they will learn about alcohol’s interaction in different body systems: digestive, circulatory, and nervous.

In Virtual Clinical Trials, players use scientific methods and process skills as they learn the process for designing and conducting a trial, the underlying neuroscience behind the medical advances being tested, and the related careers involved.

Cool Science Careers is a web adventure in which students can experience what it’s like to be a scientist. Find your perfect career path in “Profession Pathfinder,” find out what the career is like in “Imagine Yourself,” get the facts about jobs and education while reading interviews with real scientists in “Zoom In,” vote for your favorite career in “My Science Career Pick,” and get answers to common questions about science careers in “Ask A Scientist.”

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