Help Gauge Students’ Understanding with Online Quizzes

Online quizzes are an easy and effective way to assess students’ understanding without overwhelming them, writes Michael Adams in this blog post at Adams, who works for the website, suggests quizzing students on what happened during certain time periods; plot, characters and other details from literature lessons; famous quotes, etc. Even students can get involved in quiz creation, and the process of making a quiz will reinforce their knowledge of the material.

Quizpoo is a unique and fun new (beta) site for creating online quizzes. Quizpoo lets you create, without requiring registration, “this or that” quizzes. These quizzes only have two choices for answers, and when completed a link is given for sharing your score. In just a couple of minutes you can create a quiz for your family, friends, classmates, co-workers, or anyone on the internet! Need some inspiration? Take one of the pre-made quizzes such as “Led Zeppelin lyric or LOTR excerpt” or “Pixar or DreamWorks.”

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Make your own quiz at!

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