Free Guide to Teaching with Online Videos

Many teachers (and homeschool parents) are finding ways to leverage online videos for all kinds of educational purposes. But among the millions of videos out there, how do you find the best ones? What makes a great video? How do you blend videos into your curriculum? Which videos work as fun supplements, and which are good for actual instruction? How do you get students engaged in discussion after watching videos?

Mind/Shift’s “Teachers’ Guide to Videos” [PDF], offers valuable advice for teachers interested in using the vast library of videos available on YouTube and elsewhere in their lesson plans. The free guide, written by educator Catlin Tucker, seeks to help narrow down the choices and answer questions regarding video quality, where to find the best educational videos, and how such videos should be used.

The 17-page ebook is jam-packed with clickable video links for all kinds of subjects — history, math, science, language arts, and more — as well as ideas on how to inspire students to use videos as a conduit to dig in, ask questions, and learn. The guide also includes information on how to produce your own videos and how to sign up for a YouTube account, along with links to additional sites that curate educational videos.

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