Davey and Goliath “Happy Easter”

Between 1960 and 1975, millions of children watched the wholesome adventures of Davey Hansen and his talking dog, Goliath. Produced for the Lutheran Church in America by Art Clokey of “Gumby” fame, the series is known for its old-fashioned charm and unique stop-motion animation. This seasonal special features a touching story in which Davey learns why Easter is such an important celebration. The program opens with Davey having a fun day at his Grandma’s house. The very next day, his father breaks the news that Grandma has died suddenly. Davey is so upset that he refuses to be comforted until the Easter play, where he hears of Jesus’ resurrection and learns that his Grandma will be raised just as Jesus was. When Davey realizes he will not only see Grandma again but Jesus too, his grief turns to joy. This half hour episode originally aired in 1967. Print out Davey and Goliath’s “Happy Easter” viewing guide and downloadable coloring pages at http://www.daveyandgoliath.org/easter.html.

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