Sandlot Science Illusions

Is it a Duck or a Rabbit?

Sandlot is a website devoted to optical illusions and visual oddities. The items are organized by type with a number of examples for each type. A discussion of the science of the illusion accompanies each example. This massive collection of interactive optical effects is suitable for art, math, and science students of all ages – or just for fun!

Visitors can spend hours exploring hundreds of optical illusions such as after-effects, ambiguous images, animations, artwork, camouflage, color & contrast, distortions, impossible objects, mirages, moiré patterns, moon illusions, moving patterns, mystery spots, typography, and more. These illusions can be used to demonstrate how our eyes, ears, and expectations can be tricked.

Not sure where to begin? Click on the World’s Most Amazing Optical Illusions link to tour more than a hundred amazing images and animations. Check the Site Map to see a list of everything on the site and go to a specific item of interest. Head over to the Reading Room to learn about the science of optical illusions in an article called “What is an Illusion?”

Visit the Art and Illusion section which showcases artists throughout history who have incorporated illusions in their works. See the Galaxy-sized Optical Illusion called “Einstein’s Ring.” Download some science project plans in PDF format. Kids may want to go straight to the Games & Puzzles section. Or try some easy Personal Illusions that can be done right now with no props needed.

This site is kind of like an online science museum and gift shop all in one – with lots of ads for posters, calendars, magnets, cards and other items. There is also a link to CafePress where you can buy apparel, art prints, and housewares sporting optical illusions.

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