Health and Exercise Blog – I stumbled across this blog that looks like it was created as part of a research project performed by five medical students at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in 2011. The goal of the research was to study the effect of home based learning about healthy and active lifestyles. All of the information is still there, and looks like it would make a great do-it-yourself unit study on health, nutrition, and exercise. There are 5 homework assignments, most of which have student and parent components:

Homework #1 – How balanced is my diet, and what foods do I need to be eating?
Homework #2 – Getting to know nutrition facts: how to read food labels.
Homework #3 – Healthy vs. Perfect: the truth about body image.
Homework #4 – How much exercise do I get, and what can I do to live an active lifestyle?
Homework #5 – Evaluating your media time and encouraging a healthy environment for physical activity.

The first assignment focuses on eating a well balanced diet that includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, calcium rich foods, and healthy protein sources, and gives parents an opportunity to plan healthy meals with their children. The second assignment teaches students how to read nutrition facts labels on most food items sold in the United States, giving students the ability to choose healthy foods. The third assignment helps children explore their own body images, and gives parents the opportunity to discuss the important difference between healthy and perfect. The fourth assignment discusses exercise, and will help parents and students design a plan to incorporate the appropriate amount of exercise into their child’s life. The last assignment focuses on media time such as television watching, video gaming, and computer time.

The site also has a page of healthy recipes, and links to additional resources which provide valuable and accurate information for better understanding many of the topics discussed in the homework. The goal is to promote healthy lasting changes that will stay with your child beyond the scope of this study.

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