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I received this offer in my e-mail a few days ago:

Answers in Genesis is giving away a 1-year digital Answers magazine subscription FREE when you order a 1-year print subscription. PLUS, you can choose a FREE video download. LIMITED TIME! Special offer expires April 30, 2013. Click here for details.

There are 10 videos to choose from. My family likes to watch videos, so I looked up the titles to see if we might be interested in any of them. Here’s what I found:

Ken Ham’s Genesis 1:1 – Author/speaker Ken Ham shares his heartfelt concerns with a small group of pastors in a new video that just came out this year. (58 minutes, age 12+) Also available on DVD at Amazon – click here!

Mammoth and the Ice Age – Scientist Mike Oard solves the baffling mystery of the Ice Age that followed the biblical Flood. (50 minutes, age 15+) Also available as a FREE video on demand – click here!

Ape-men: The Grand Illusion – The consensus among secular scientists is that man evolved from an ape-like creature over a period of millions of years. But what is that claim based on? (61 minutes, age 12+) Also available on DVD at Amazon – click here!

Buddy Davis’ Swamp Man! – Kids will be spellbound as they learn about God’s design in animals of the Florida swamp lands and everglades. (45 minutes, age 4+) Also available on DVD at Amazon – click here!

Creation Museum Flood Geology – This stunning video collection from the Creation Museum explains the possible mechanisms for the Flood and the tremendous effects it had on the earth. (29 minutes, age 8+) Also available as a FREE video on demand – click here!

Science Confirms the Bible – Ken Ham tackles the biggest creation/evolution questions that he’s constantly asked by teens. (58 minutes, age 12+)

The Tower of Babel – What happened at Babel is key to understanding evangelism and the lands and people of the world today. (50 minutes, age 12+)

Check This Out (Six mini-videos) – This single download covers six different topics using an extremely creative combination of animation, text, and humor—each squeezed into roughly three minutes of “warp speed” teaching. (19 minutes, age 12+) Also available on DVD at Amazon – click here!

Noah’s Ark: Thinking Outside the Box – In this award-winning video, Ark researcher Tim Lovett reveals new findings about the contours and seaworthiness of the Ark. (24 minutes, age 12+) Also available on YouTube – click here!

The New Answers DVD 1 – Now the most-asked questions from the highly popular New Answers Books are on video! (48 minutes, age 12+) Also available on DVD at Amazon – click here!

Anyway, while looking up the above videos, I discovered that Answers in Genesis has all kinds of free videos to watch on their site, ranging from short clips to longer ones. Check them out:

Here is a special section of free videos just for kids:

There are some informative audio programs too:

You and your kids might also enjoy these cartoons:

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics (i.e., Christianity-defending) ministry, focusing particularly on providing answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis.

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