Free Ebook: The 6 Benefits of Credit by Exam

Are you homeschooling a college-bound student? Are you familiar with the concept of credit by exam? You might be interested in this free ebook offer that I received from Rachel Martin, a CollegePlus graduate:

Almost 5 years after graduating from college, I still find myself scrutinizing my education.

Sure, my mom did a fantastic job homeschooling me through the first 12 years. (Given my aversion to math, I can attest to her patience and teaching ability!)

When it comes to my college degree, however, I often ask myself, if I were given the opportunity, would I change anything about my degree earning process?

As a college graduate who earned more than a year’s worth of college credit through credit by exam (CLEP, DSST, etc.), I guess it’s only natural for me to question the method I chose.

I worked hard, graduated with a fully accredited degree, and now have a job that I love, but, the “what ifs” still creep into my mind…

“What if I cheated myself out of a quality education?”

“What if I missed out by skipping some of the traditional classroom experiences?”

“What if I had taken a different approach with my college studies?”

Credit by exam methods sometimes carry the reputation of being the “fast food of college credit” – fast, cheap, and not that great for you. But through my own college journey, I discovered this was not the case at all. In fact, utilizing credit by exam had the exact opposite effect for me!

As I look back 5 years later, I have identified 6 Specific Benefits of Credit by Exam.

Six reasons I’m grateful I had the opportunity to earn credit by exam.

Six advantages I had as I set out to get a job after graduation.

So, I wrote an ebook entitled (you guessed it), The 6 Benefits of Credit by Exam about my experience to help other homeschool students and parents learn from my experience.

Click here to download the free ebook, The 6 Benefits of Credit by Exam.

My hope is that this ebook will help ease any misgivings you may have about credit by exam.

Far from being simply fast and cheap, credit by exam gave me the freedom to save time, allowing me to gain practical life experience that helped me to stand out in the job market (that’s Benefit #4).

What are the other 5 benefits? Download the free ebook now to find out!

Rachel Martin

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