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How much do you know about civics and citizenship? Are your children studying the subject this year? I was looking up something else and stumbled across an end-of-course test on the responsibilities of citizens. It’s 20 questions plus an answer key. It looks like the test was made when George W. Bush was in office, but the questions are still good, ranging from the concept of “melting pot” to the meaning of community service.

Then I went back and checked to see the source of the test and discovered a whole Database of K-12 Resources from the NC Civic Education Consortium! This searchable database includes Lesson Plans (aligned to North Carolina Standards) and Activities. All are available in PDF format. Some files have an accompanying Power Point presentation. Use the “Grade Level” or “Activity Topic” check boxes to narrow down your search.

There are about 50 specific topics to choose from – from Age of Exploration to the Cold War, and from Law & Government to Personal Financial Literacy – including such timely topics as Medical Ethics, Terrorist Movements, US Constitution, Cultures & Religions, and Women’s History. You can also search for Practice Tests and Writing Prompts.

Find lessons suitable for 5th-8th grade Social Studies, American History I & II, World History, Civics & Economics at:

The NC Civic Education Consortium is a UNC-Chapel Hill’s Program in the Humanities & Human Values, working to extend the resources of the university to K-12 educators.

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