AOP Mother’s Day Giveaway

In celebration of all homeschool moms, AOP is holding a Mother’s Day Giveaway, in which 25 moms will receive a free copy of the daily devotional NIV Homeschool Mom’s Bible.

All the energy mothers spend encouraging their children can leave moms drained of any words of wisdom for themselves. It sometimes seems as if no one is cheering us on as we lead lessons, cook meals, clean house, and teach everyone from the kids to the cat to listen up, forgive others, and respect the upholstery. That’s when the NIV Homeschool Mom’s Bible comes in handy. The collection of 365 daily devotionals inspires moms to remember that no matter how heavy our homeschooling load may feel, God will see us through.

Entering the Mother’s Day Giveaway is quick and easy. (The entry closing date is 11:59 pm CT on May 9, 2013.)

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