The History of Bicycles and Bicycling

Bicycles in one form or another have been around for more than 200 years. Even though the bicycle is a rather simple form of transportation, many advances have been made in bicycle technology over the years. Learn about the history of bicycles at these links: (“Bicycles: getting a handle on technology,” presented by The Franklin Institute. Includes teacher and student guides, slide show, treasure hunt, and a quiz.) (This page has an AUDIO history of bicycles that you can listen to, from the University of Houston’s College of Engineering.) (A Quick History of Bicycles, from the Pedaling History Bicycle Museum.) (Printable PDF: “A Brief History of Bikes”) (An article about Bikes & Bicycling, from (An Illustrated History of the Bike, from (Bicycle Myths and Milestones, by William Hudson.) (Bicycle History Timeline: “Chronology of the Growth of Bicycling and the Development of Bicycle Technology,” by David Mozer.) (“A Short Illustrated History of the Bicycle,” by Carsten Hoefer.)

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